2014 major running events calender


It's coming up to running season again and people all across the country and the world are training hard to prep for this years major events which look to be a jam packed affair. With major Running Events all across the world coming up in 2014 here is the lowdown of some of the major UK and International events that are sure to get major coverage and runners competing.

There are plenty of events across the country but one of the biggest is the New York Marathon This event which takes place on November 2nd (long after the UK events) which over 40 years ago got just over 55 runners and started it's root as a race around Central Park.  The event now get thousands competing for their team,p club, charity or for fun around some of the greatest building and skyscrapers in the World.

The UK boasts some of the best events in the World and no exception is the Virgin London Marathon  This event takes place on 13th April and all eyes are on England's capital City London as over 30,000 Elite runners, celebrities and runners for the charities or fun through the streets of london passign major key sites that gets Global coverage.

Another UK City is Manchester that is renowned for their runs and their Great Manchester Run has grown year on year.  This event takes place on the 18th May and is Eurpoe's biggest 10k event with 40,000 people competing and since the first race in 2003 they have seen elite runners including Olympic champions Halie Gebrselassie and Derartu Tulu victorious over the years with fun runners raising and esitmated £20 million pounds since the first run. over.

Another major UK race in the north is the Great North Run  This half marathon event is one of the world's biggest and best half marathon events held on 7th September and sees over 50,000 runners taking to Newcastles steets and the event is so big that it gets over 120,000 applicants each year.  

If you don't fancy taking on a major event and want a little fun, there are many Park Runs across the country held on Saturday mornings by voulenteers that have weekly 5k timed race events that are free and easy for the runner of any ability to take park in.  Set in park surroundings theyb are a great way to get the weekend started and the times are electronically taken so you can check your times as you progress week on week.

Another great organisation that offers a diverse range of races is Xtra Mile  This group has a wide range of Triathalons, sea swims, cycle events, half marathons, short races and more.  They are a major sponsor for the Manchester Marathon and if you like your triatalons this is the place for you.  

There are plenty of events each week all across the country and the world so if you want to get fit and active in 2014 check out some of our favourite events above or keep in touch with your local council who can guide you to the best events in your area.

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 Happy Running!