Asics FuzeX

asics fuzex

The Asics FuzeX Has now arrived in at A&A Sports and is a brand new concept from Asics that provides consistent cushioning be it mile 1 or mile 10. The fuzeX bridges the gap be-tween style and performance. Versatile in nature the shoes unique design offers the fashion conscious sports-person the technical confidence to perform at their highest level. The shoe boasts a brand new ASICS tech-nology in fuzeGEL formed by fusing our famous ASICS GEL and SoLyte midsole. With a stylish seamless upper and full length fuzeGEL midsole the fuzeX is truly built for multisport versatility. The first of its kind offering consistent cushioning with a less guided Guidance Line the fuzeX targets the multisport category offering both style and performance.


The fuzeX features a sleek seamless upper with full ground contact outsole for a smooth transition from heel to toe. Innovative fuzeGEL provides responsive cushioning without the added weight. This stylish package redefines the idea of style and performance.  Offering consistent cushioning the fuzeX provides neutral comfort for both short and long runs.  With the continuation of many established ASICS technologies the fuzeX combats the age old problem of having to choose between style and performance. A true multi sport specialist the fuzeX is the perfect shoe for those seeking a great looking versatile performance product, for the gym, general training or multi-length runs.


  • ASICS fuzeGEL and Rear-foot GEL insert — Full length midsole fusion of ASICS Gel and SoLyte foam.
  • Seamless Upper— Full one piece stylish lightweight upper.
  • SoLyte Cap — A rear-foot cap made from ASICS Solyte cushioning foam.
  • Seamless technology helps the active or sportsperson achieve their best through comfort, breathability and performance. 
  • Guidance Line— Neutrally guided vertical flex groove throughout outsole, consistently adapts to each foot movement and any running style.
  • Flexy Grooves—Horizontal grooves throughout the outsole, increasing towards the forefoot.
  • AHAR—ASICS high abrasion rubber.



  • ASICS fuzeGEL and Rear-foot GEL insert — Combines plush lightweight comfort with consistent rear and forefoot shock absorption. Insert provides extra shock absorption upon heel strike.
  • Seamless Upper — Reduces the potential for irritation and friction caused by traditional stitches and seams.
  • Solyte Cap — Provides increased feedback and spring in transition from heel to midstance whilst maintaining a lightweight.
  • Guidance Line— Impact forces are softened on contact, providing optimal transitioning of movement resulting in a perfect transfer of forward energy.
  • Flexy Grooves—Offers improved natural flexion throughout the gait cycle allowing the foot to move freely to increase performance but reduce the risk of injury, particularly regarding the Plantar Fascia.
  • Flexy Grooves—Horizontal grooves throughout the outsole, increasing towards the forefoot.
  • AHAR—Brings increased durability with a denser rubber material that grips the road.


asics fuzex

asics fuzex

asics fuzex

asics fuzex

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