Converse Chuck Taylor All Star History

(One of the first Converse All Star Basketball Trainers)

One of the oldest and most popular trainers of all time. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star trainer is worn by most and worn or owned by a staggering 60% of the population...that's alot of "Chucks". Here is a little insight of the history of the iconic shoe and how it got its name and a little timeline of its history!

1908 The Converse Rubber shoe company was formed and created by Marquis Mills wo started to create rubber related shoes.  They expanded and started to create Athletic shoes and with the current popularity of Basketball at the time the Converse Company saw an opening in the market and decided to start to produce basketball shoes. 
1917 After alot of product research and development The Converse Rubber Shoe Company created a Basketball shoe and called it the "All Star".  Originally made in natural brown withe Black trim (similar to above).
1921 Charles "Chuck" Taylor was a basketball player and loved the All Star shoe.  There was a basketball team called the Converse All Stars that was sponsored by the Converse Company and Charles joined the team and their sales team.  He moved across America teaching basketball in various schools and colleges while endorsing and selling the All Star Basketball Trainer
1923 Charles "Chuck" Taylor loved the shoes so much he started to make improvements to the shoe including adding a patch to the ankle to protect the shoe.  He was so good at selling the shoe and promoting the brand that Converse decided to add his name to the ankle patches.
1930 Chuck Taylors signature was then later added to the ankle patch and the iconic Chuck Taylor All Star Was created.  Basketball players all across America was wearing the iconic shoe.  They were used with the US armed forces and the White Hi Tops were the official shoe of the US Armed forces.   They began to make the Chuck Taylor All Star in a variey of colours.
1957 The Low Cut "Oxford" version of the Chuck Taylor All Star was introduced and began to make multiple colors, designs and materials that can be seen across the world today.
1968 Because of his tireless efforts promoting the sport of basketball Chuck Taylor was made an honourary Ambassador to Basketball and introduced into the basketball Hall of Fame.  Unfortunately one year later he would pass away.

.Since then Converse have shifted from the Basketball courts to the Fashion market and had a variey of Collaborations within Sports, Music and more.  They were famously worn by the band The Ramones and gave the brand a worldwide recognition.  The Converse brand continues to produce a variety of styles, colours, cutts, lengths and materials from Babies to adults and are a must have for fashion thinking feet. 

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