Sir Alex ferguson unveils all in new book


Fergie reveals all!


Sir Alex Ferguson's 2nd and most eagerly-anticipated autobigraphy's will be released on October 24, giving a first-hand account of the former Manchester United boss's final years in charge at Old Trafford. How he dominated English football, and the players he worked with/and didn't want to! Ferguson tells all on a few of the players who featured in his sides. Through his book he gives an in depth look and view on his last few years in charge of some of the countries & world's best players, habits and his way to lead ones of the worlds best teams to the top of world football. Sir Alex Ferguson has given his verdict on, well, just about everyone! Here are some of his best lines from the playes he came acroos in football:

On Roy Keane - Fergie's sternest words are reserved for his former captain, saying that the strongest part of his body was his tongue. And on an argument, he said: “What I noticed about him that day when I was arguing with him was that his eyes started to narrow, almost to wee black beads. It was frightening to watch. And I'm from Glasgow."

On David Beckham - On the boot-kicking incident, players held the midfielder back. But he told the midfielder: "'Sit down,' I said. 'You let your team down.'" He adds that there was "no doubt" that Beckham thought he was bigger than him and the club. And marrying (Posh Spice) Victoria Beckham had a negative effect on his football at Manchester United.

On Rafa Benitez - A "control freak" who made the mistake of making their rivalry personal. "If you saw Jose and Rafa standing together on the touchline, you knew you could pick the winner."

On Wayne Rooney - The Manchester United striker has "great qualities", but Ferguson says the 27-year-old could be under threat from a lack of fitness. "He came into my office the day after we won the league and asked away."  This season he looks fit and is playing well again with alot more vigour.

On David Moyes - "I could not believe the fixture list. He'll get the same help I got after Matt. David will get that same help. Manchester United are the only team who can come back from behind to win the league." Belives in the man that has supressed him as Manchester United manager

On Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard - Not exactly a fan of either player. He thought neither was a 'top, top, player'. Played in a good team with good players around them.

The Book is available to purchase here

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