Limited edition converse all star trainers


Converse's Trademark Shoe the All Star Check Taylor has been around for what seems like forever...(in a good way!). With the trademark core colours that havebeen around for decades when someone wants to stand out what can they do? Simple. Check Out Converse's Season and limited edition colours. Now a staple for Converse's collections these colours are limited to a few colours every season and is a limited edition colour that will come and go and you may not see again for a few years or even ever! These colour updates on cleasic Chucks are a go to when you want that little something different from a core All Star Trainer.

We have a wide range of Mens, Womens, Boys, Girls & Babies Limited Edition Seasonal colours and styles with some new additions includign the Converse Easy slip with a velcro rear for easy on off, the double and now multi tongue with two and 5 tongue colours to wear how you see fit.  Low Top & High Top Canvas Converse All Star with some seasonal colour updates including the Knockout Pink, Mirage Grey, Cherry tomato, Kombu Green, Sassafras and Purple Cactus to name a few.  We even hat the Superman & Batman DC Comics collaboration for the cutest of kids.  


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Hope this helps in your quest to find some hard to find converse that no one else will have to stand out from the Converse crowd

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