Nike Hi Vis Premier League Ball



It's gettign to that time of year again.  The clocks will soon be going back, the temperatures will be plummeting  and those football matches will  need alot more coffe, bovril or beer to get you through them!

At the end of the month of October / Early November the Premier League will be doing their annual change from their summer ball to their winter colour ball.  This year will be no exception (as we don't expect a heatwave or any light nights).  When the Premier League chooses to change the balls every Barclays Premier League match will adopt the use of the new high visibility Nike Premier League ball. Designed with multiple colours on the ball's surface that blend together to enhance maximum visual performance and contrast, the Nike Hi-Vis ball will enable footballers  to see the ball better and react to movements, passes and shots more quickly.  The bold geometric graphic and color combination has been around for a few years and is a great combination over a football to see the ball better.  We have the official Match Ball Replica the Nike Strike Football at afraction of the cost of the Match Ball.  The Strike is £16.99 which is a snip of the price of the official match ball which retails at £90.  With the same characteristics, colours and styles of its older (and more expensive) counterpart! this is a must have ball for your team this winter!

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