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The Nike Elite Trainer has started from some humble beginnings. The Then Brand Name Blue Ribbon Sports owners Knight and Bowerman were ready to make the jump from being a footwear distributor to designing and manufacturing their own brand of athletic shoes. Nike was born from the Greek wording and the Swoosh logo was born. The new Nike line of footwear debuted in 1972, in time for the U.S. Track & Field Trials, The owners had manufactured a pair of shoes which made a big impression on the runners that day. They featured a new innovation on the sole. The Waffle Rubber base gave exceptional grip but was lightweight and durable. Bowerman drew the inspiration from his wife’s waffle iron... – by pouring the rubber mixture into the iron and ta dah a sole was born that stood the test of time and is still used today in the Nike Elite Trainers (probably not with a waffle iron though). An outsole that had waffle-type nubs for traction but were lighter than traditional training shoes was perfect for runners and they jumped at the chance to use the shoes.  

The shoes have had numerous updates over the years with vintage one offs, and a variety of different materials used to give the Nike Elite Trainers the trademark look that has stayed the same for over 40 years.  

A&A Sports is proud to stock such a monumentous shoe and we have a great selection of Mens & Kids Nike Elite Trainers from the smallest of babies to the biggest of Mens feet.  Check out the range.  You won't be dissaponted!

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