With the World Cup Underway and England getting ready to kick off their world cup campaign some of the players have teamed up with Nike football with another great range of short films to show inspiration and 'Risk Everything'. The three films entitled attempt the Unthinkable, Fear Nothing and Never Play it safe see the three England players Wayne Rooney, Jack Wiltshire & Alex oxlade chamberlain come up against some alternative competition when going for goal..


Film One sees Wayne Rooney receiving the ball during a match against Brasil. Taking the pass inside his own half, Rooney moves towards goal when all of a sudden the Brasil defense disappears and the opposition's team bus is driven onto the pitch to distract him. What will he do to 'Attempt the Unthinkable



Film Two sees Alex Oxlade Chamberlain come up against some unsavoury parts of the pitch (better call the Groundsman). What will he do to 'Fear Nothing'



Film Three Jack Wiltshire's pitch turn into a pinball table where he has to dodge obstacles and use his skills to get the ball to the goal. What will he do to 'Never Play it Safe'



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