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 Grip in Dry Conditions

The adhesive properties of the foam are determining for an optimal grip and best performance in the goal. Thereby the climatic conditions influence the performance capability of the palm material. Consequently dry weather requires a special composition of the foam to tap its full potential.

Grip in Wet Conditions

Rain and moisture influence the capability of the glove and demand a different composition. Softer and more open-pored palms, which absorb the water, are especially qualified for wet conditions.

Abrasion Resistant

Latex is considered as being a very sensitive material that needs special care. Besides frequent ball contacts support theabrasion of the palm. The abrasion resistance that decides about the extent of wastage depends on what surface structure as well as compression the palm material has. The more sturdy and coarse the latex is the stronger it is in terms of abrasion


Beside the grip also the cushioning is a decisive fact when choosing the right palm. The more dense and thick a palm is the better it can absorb the impact of the ball. Also the thickness of the base material influences the damping qualities.

Reusch Glove Palms

Reusch G2 Ultrasoft Palm

The Reuch G2 Ultrasoft Palm Explained...

Changing requirements in goalkeeping call for modified foam characteristics. G2 Ultrasoft, the further development of the well known and successful G1 Ultrasoft palm, even outranks its forerunner in terms of grip in dry and wet conditions. Also focusing on the improvement of the abrasion resistance, the addition of various components makes this palm material noticeably stronger. Best cushioning when keeping very hard and fast balls completes its premium status. G2 - the new top palm meeting the highest demands.

Reusch A2 Aquatech Palm

The Reuch A2 Aquatech Palm Explained...

Also the features of aqua foams get influenced by varying conditions like the speed and outer material of the balls. Therefore Reusch as pioneer in terms of aqua palms comes with a new latex palm for wet conditions, the A2 Aqua Tech™. The grip on damp and wet days has been considerably improved. Even in dry conditions the A2 convinces with excellent grip qualities without losing too much its abrasion resistance. The completely new composition additionally increases its damping qualities and sturdiness. A2 Aqua Tech™ - the expert getting things done on wet and dry days.

Reusch M1 Mega Grip Palm

The Reuch M1 Mega Grip Palm Explained...

M1 means a high-quality and extremely soft latex foam with excellent properties. Its composition of natural and synthetic latex generates an improved grip and ball control. It can be used in various weather conditions.

Reusch Duo M1 Mega Grip Palm

The Reuch Duo M1 Mega Grip Palm Explained...

Duo M1 combines the excellent properties of the Reusch M1 palm with another special construction, the DUO™ construction: An additional layer of latex on the inside of the palm guarantees maximum absorption and provides optimal contact between palm and hand for secure catching and extraordinary feeling.

Reusch X1 Wet N Dry Palm

The Reuch X1 Wet 'N Dry Palm Explained...

X1 Wet`n Dry is Reusch’s all-weather palm. It guarantees the highest of safety and ball control in all weather conditions. Sun or rain, no matter what, the X1 Wet`n Dry will always offer the ultimate grip and outstanding damping qualities.

Reusch D1 Durasoft Palm

The Reuch D1 Durasoft Palm Explained...

D1 is a top palm used for very different applications. Its high-quality material offers an excellent combination of constantly good grip and abrasion resistance. Thicker and due to its fine porous structure even denser than other palm materials this all-ground palm provides best impact damping qualities.

Reusch Q1 Quad Grip Palm

The Reuch Q1 Quad Grip Palm Explained...

The Q1 Quad Grip is especially qualified for dry conditions, in- and outside. The combination of good grip and high abrasion resistance makes this palm material the right choice for playing on artificial turf and hard grounds. Q1 Quad Grip - the robust all-rounder for when it’s getting rough.

Reusch R1 Super Solid Palm

The Reuch R1 Supersolid Palm Explained...

This palm is the right choice for extreme conditions on hard grounds. Its sturdy adhesive foam offers optimum abrasion and damping qualities.

Reusch SG Soft Grip Palm

The Reuch SG Soft Grip Palm Explained...

This high-grade palm with a smooth surface is especially suited for beginners. By its special composition the SG Soft Grip offers a reliable grip and damping qualities.

Reusch RG Resist Grip Palm

The Reuch RG Resist Grip Palm Explained...

This is another palm for beginners mostly used on hard grounds. Its structured surface is characterized by good abrasion and damping properties.


Ortho Tec

Reusch Ortho Tec Technology


Reusch Shock Shieldc Technology

Pro Flex

ReuschPro Flex Technology

Air Vent System

Reusch Air Vent System Technology

Hope this give you a little linsight in to one of the worlds leading goalkeeper glove brands and makes your choice of glove a little easier.


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